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The Honeoye Falls-Lima Central School District is continuing its commitment to preparing students to succeed in an ever-changing world. This initiative includes teaching students to use technology productively, respectfully and ethically.   

The overarching vision for instructional technology for HF-L students is to have technology available to enhance productivity, communication, research, problem solving, decision-making and creativity within a community of learners. The HF-L District provides a  device for each student in the district for their educational use.

Device Protection Plan

What is it?

The Honeoye Falls-Lima Central School District is providing a protection plan to cover repair and/or replacement of the device and related equipment due to accidental damage or theft after payment of the appropriate deductible. 

Enrollment in the plan is optional with the understanding that if students/parents do not enroll in the protection plan, they are fully responsible for any repair and/or replacement costs in the same way they would be responsible for any other damaged or lost school property such as textbooks or music instruments and the District shall have no liability for repair or replacement. 

How to Sign-Up?

To participate in the 2021-2022 school year protection plan, the protection form and payment must be completed online at  The deadline for completion of this form is September 30, 2021.

The cost of the Device Protection Plan is a $15 annual, per student, non-refundable fee. If you wish to participate and are not able to complete the form online, please contact your student’s Building Principal. 

What is covered by the Protection Plan?

 Examples of Typical Repairs1
Protection Plan

check mark
Without Protection Plan

x mark
  ThinkPad      iPad     ThinkPad    iPad  
 Lost /Damaged Stylus2 $20 - $35 -
Stylus Tip $0 - $0 -
Stylus Not Working
1st Year of Device Ownership by HF-L 2 $0 - $0 -
Remaining Life Cycle of Device $20   $35  
Charger (Lost)   $15 $10 $25 $20
Charger (Damaged) $0 $0 $25 $20
Replacement Device (Lost/Stolen) $200 $100 $8003 $4003
 Intentional Damage / Misuse  Not Covered4 Not Covered4 Not Covered4 Not Covered4
Accidental Damage5 $0 $0 Not Covered4 Not Covered4
Keyboard $0 - $35 -
Trackpad $0 - $30 -
LCD Screen $0 - $200 -
System Board $0 - $6003 -

If a Lenovo Think Pad (excluding stylus) or Apple iPad needs repair due to the failure of a component (processor, monitor, memory, etc.), this will be repaired by the district at no charge to the student. Cosmetic damage to the device that does not affect the functionality of the device (scratches and dents) may not be repaired.

1   All repairs are handled on a case by case scenario. The district reserves the right to amend device and parts pricing based on an average of fair market value. Not all repair types are represented here. For more information please contact Technology Services
2 Excludes lost, intentional and negligent damage.
3  Replacement Devices and parts are replaced using a depreciation formula. (Excludes stylus and charger) (If stolen, police report may be required)
4  Any damage not covered will be repaired case by case depending upon parts needed. Replacement devices and parts will use a depreciation formula.
Accidental damage includes, spills, drops, and breaks due to accidental circumstances. (Excludes intentional damage) (Excludes stylus)

What is Provided to Students & Proper Use

K-2 students: Apple iPad, case and charger

3-12 students: Lenovo ThinkPad including a stylus and a charger

  • Students in grades K – 12 will be permitted to take their assigned device home with them daily.  If a student takes their assigned device home, the student is expected to bring the device to school in working order and fully charged. The privilege of taking a device home may be rescinded by the Building Principal, if a student regularly fails to bring their device to school for instruction. 

  • Students, with support from their parents or guardians, are expected to take good care to manage and handle their device in a way that minimizes the likelihood of damage, loss, and theft.  Students should report any and all issues to the Technology Services Helpdesk as soon as the issue arises.

  • It is recommended that all students save their work to their OneDrive folder for safe keeping.


All devices and related equipment (e.g., chargers, stylus) provided by the district are the sole property of the Honeoye Falls-Lima Central School District. 

Terms of Use

  • Students will be able to use their device throughout the entire school year.

  • Students in grades 3-12 are issued the same laptop for the life of the device.

  • The District may request devices and related equipment be returned at any time. This might include recalls from the technology department to perform updates or re-image the device. The District also reserves the right to access the devices while at school to ensure proper compliance with School District policies.

  • All students will be required to return their assigned device and related equipment in good working order at the end of the school year. Students who transfer or withdraw from the District must return their device and related equipment on or before the date they leave. In the event a student does not return the device at the conclusion of a school year or earlier departure, the student account will be charged the full replacement value of the device. 

  • When the devices are being utilized in the home, or in other locations off of District property and not at a school function, parents and/or guardians are responsible for proper supervision of the student’s use of the devices.


Following are commonly asked questions about the issue, use and expectations for student assigned devices.   Should you have additional questions, please contact the HF-L Technology Department at 585-624-7014 or email


Is HF-L going to replace textbooks with digital content?

Over time, and when more advantageous, departments are choosing to adopt digital textbooks and resources.   

What accessories or related supplies should students have? 

Similar to other school supplies, students in grades K-12 are encouraged to purchase headphones for use with class projects and testing.  

All students are encouraged to have a backpack with a laptop (padded) pocket or a separate laptop sleeve for carrying the device around school and to/from school.  

My student has special needs.  How do I ensure accommodations for their unique needs? 

Parents/guardians of students who have a disability should work with their student’s IEP manager and /or section 504 coordinator to determine what, if any, accommodations are needed.  


Will my student learn about digital citizenship? 

Yes. Instruction on citizenship, social and digital, is incorporated into everyday instruction.  For more information about digital citizenship, we recommend viewing resources form Common Sense Media (   Our teaching staff has also created learning targets for digital citizenship for each building to insure that teachers have clear expectations for teaching these skills as technology is incorporated into lessons.  

Is there an associated cost? 

The district will purchase devices and all required software.  Families will be offered an opportunity to purchase a Device Protection Plan to offset unanticipated costs due to damage, loss or theft of the laptop. 

What happens if a student forgets to bring the device to school? 

If students fail to bring their device to school, they will be responsible for completing course work as though they had their device with them (think of it in the same way as a textbook).   Spare devices are not available to students when they forget to bring their assigned device to school. 

Will students keep devices over school breaks? 

Yes, students will be able to take home devices throughout the entire school year. Devices will be collected at the end of the school year.  

Will students keep devices over the summer? 

No, devices, power supplies and stylus, if applicable, will be collected at the end of the school year for maintenance and updates. 

When do devices need to be returned? 

All devices will be collected at the end of the school year.  Students who leave the district must return their school assigned device and accessories on or before the date they leave.  If a student fails to return the device at the end of the school year or upon termination of enrollment, the parent/guardian will be subject to civil liability for the total replacement cost of the device and any school supplied device accessories. 

Can parents/students install software or apps on a district provided device? 

No, the district will purchase and install all required software for student use. 

Will student devices be able to connect to wireless networks outside of school? 

Yes, district supplied devices will connect to any wireless network. 

What if I don't have internet access at home? 

Families who do not have internet access should reach out to their student's counselor or Building Principal. 

What happens if a device is damaged, lost or stolen? 

Students should report any damage or operating malfunction to their teacher or building tech representative.  If a device is kept by the Technology Department for assessment or repair, the student will be issued a loaner device.   

Loss or theft should also be reported to the Building Tech representative and the replacement/repair cost will be assessed by the Technology Department.
The district is offering a device protection plan to cover repair/replacement costs.    Please visit MySchoolBucks to review and sign up for the Protection Plan or review the Device Protection Plan on the HF-L website. 

Is the purchase of the Device Protection Plan optional? 

Yes, the purchase of the protection plan is at the discretion of the family. Please keep in mind that without the protection plan, families are liable for the full cost of any damage or the replacement cost of the device. 

If I choose not to purchase the protection plan, is my student still allowed to take home the device? 

Yes, students may still take home devices home.  Parents/guardians will be responsible for the full cost of any damage or replacement cost of the device. 

My student is a senior, can he/she purchase the device at the end of the school year? 

No, devices are redistributed in the district until the device reaches the end of its useful life.  

Will usage of a device be monitored at home (or other location off school grounds)?

No, the district does not monitor students' usage or their device outside of school hours when the device is off school grounds.  Parents/guardians are responsible for their student's appropriate use of their device during those times. 

Related Policies

Use of District computers and the internet is governed by the District’s Student Code of Conduct and Acceptable Use Policy along with expectations set in the curriculum related to digital citizenship and Dignity for All Students Policies.  All use of computers must be consistent with all District policies and regulations, including but not limited to:

Use of Computerized Resources & Intranet (Acceptable Use Policy) - Policy #3415

Use of Social Media - Policy #6480

Bullying: Peer Abuse in the School - Policy # 7552
Dignity for All Students Act - Policy #7554

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The Honeoye Falls-Lima Central School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs, activities, employment, and admissions; and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups.

The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies: David Leahy, Compliance Officer/Coordinator, at: Email -, Telephone - (585) 624-7181, Address - 20 Church Street, Honeoye Falls, NY 14472. Inquiries concerning the application of the Honeoye Falls-Lima Central School District non-discrimination policies may also be referred to the U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights (OCR), 32 Old Slip, 26th Floor, New York, NY 10005, Telephone (646) 428-3800 (voice) or (800) 877-8339 (TTY).

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