Dear HF-L Community,

It is hard to put into words the violent and tragic events that took place at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas yesterday. While the investigation into this incident is still unfolding, one thing is certain: no family should have to endure the suffering caused by acts of violence. HF-L may be physically removed from this shooting, but this tragedy comes at a time when we are all still trying to process the tragedy that occurred in Buffalo, so today may be a difficult day for the members of our school community in a variety of ways.

First, open communication is an important part of building strong relationships with students, fellow staff, parents, and the community. Staff at HF-L will be here to support you and your children. District-wide, staff will be prepared to answer questions and provide a loving, caring, and supportive environment. Additionally, please expect messages reminding students to reach out if they need help and to say something when they are concerned about a friend, classmate, or other member of the school community. 

Second, as you always do, please monitor students for elevated levels of stress and anxiety and support them if they wish to talk about these events. Encourage and make them aware of resources such as crisis support, counselors, and/or anyone they feel comfortable talking about the recent events.  As adults we find ourselves in these situations doing our best to absorb the pain and anxiety of our students.  Please take care of yourself and each other! 

National Child Traumatic Stress Network – School Shooting Resources 

Talking to children about the shooting 

Psychological impact of a shooting 

Teacher guidelines for helping students after mass violence 

Parent guidelines for helping youth after a recent shooting 

Finally, we will again, as we often do, revisit our own procedures, practices, and policies as they relate to maintaining a safe and healthy school environment. Honeoye Falls-Lima remains committed to keeping our schools safe. Staff, students, and families are encouraged to report security concerns to school administration. 

Please encourage all students to say something if they see or hear something.

Please take care and remember help is available not only for our students but for our staff.

Take Care,

Gene Mancuso

HF-L Superintendent