Fall Weekend Main Events! #WeAreHFL
3 days ago, HF-L CSD
fall weekend main events
Music Booster Club Meeting, 9/27/23, H.S. Chorus Room, 7 p.m. #WeAreHFL
5 days ago, HF-L CSD
Did you know that you can combine/merge accounts from different districts in ParentSquare? #WeAreHFL
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merging accounts
Board of Education Meeting, 9/26/23, H.S. Cafe., 7 p.m. #WeAreHFL
6 days ago, HF-L CSD
Hot off the press and coming to a mailbox near you! Inside HF-L Fall 2023! https://www.flipsnack.com/hflcsd/september_inside-hfl_2023/full-view.html #WeAreHFL
12 days ago, HF-L CSD
inside hf-l fall 2023
District Health and Safety Committee Meeting, 9/19/23, 3:45 p.m. #WeAreHFL
13 days ago, HF-L CSD
HFLEA Executive Committee Meeting, 9/18/23, High School, 3:15 p.m. #WeAreHFL
14 days ago, HF-L CSD
Join our team! HF-L is currently seeking a Food Service Worker at Lima Primary! #WeAreHFL
17 days ago, HF-L CSD
food service
Phase 3 on schedule @hflcsd. Continuing to stay preventative and safely prepared for the future. New concrete pads for fueling vehicles from buses to ambulances here in Honeoye Falls. We work w. community partners to reduce expenses and share services.
18 days ago, Gene Mancuso
Are you interested in getting on the road with more confidence? With our driver's education class, you can! 🚗📚 Learn the essential techniques needed for driving safely and efficiently in this informational and interactive class. Class starts on Tuesday! https://registration.hflcsd.org/searchResults.cfm?couID=74 #DriversEd #SafetyFirst #OnTheRoad
19 days ago, HFLCommunityEd
The Honeoye Falls-Lima Central School District is now using ParentSquare! As users download the app and become accustomed to the new platform, the District has added a helpful ParentSquare FAQ page to the website. Menu -> Parents/Community Resources -> ParentSquare FAQ
20 days ago, HF-L CSD
Did you know that you can adjust your notification settings in ParentSquare? You can even adjust your settings differently at the district and building levels. #WeAreHFL
20 days ago, HF-L CSD
adjusting notifications
Board of Education Meeting, 9/12/23, H.S. Cafe., 7 p.m. #WeAreHFL
20 days ago, HF-L CSD
Sports Booster Club Meeting, 9/11/23, H.S. Lobby Conference Room, 7 p.m. #WeAreHFL
21 days ago, HF-L CSD
Many members of HF-L's Board of Education are touring the buildings this morning! Their first stop was at the High School. #WeAreHFL
24 days ago, HF-L CSD
group board
Save the Date! Fall Weekend is scheduled for 9/30/23! The float theme this year is "Holidays." #WeAreHFL
26 days ago, HF-L CSD
save the date
And just like that, we are starting a whole new year! Every student, every day, whatever it takes! #WeAreHFL
26 days ago, HF-L CSD
hugging at middle
happy kids
welcome back
https://www.hflcsd.org/page/capital-project-phase-3 Phase 3 of the voter approved Capital Renovation project is underway @hflcsd. This summer we replaced the fuel island and buried fuel tanks. Temporary fuel tanks have been installed and new tanks arrive soon.
about 1 month ago, HF-L CSD
future pad
fuel tanks
Fuel island
HF-L staff had an inspirational start to the 2023-2024 school year with our annual Opening Day Ceremony. The District welcomed 67 new staff members, celebrated the years of service for many existing staff members, and had a surprise guest from Superintendent Mancuso's past, his very own 7th grade teacher Mrs. Beth Ann Lambein-Hooker! "If you're interested, you will do what is convenient; if you're committed, you'll do whatever it takes." At HF-L, we do whatever it takes! #WeAreHFL
about 1 month ago, HF-L CSD
gene and beth ann
gene an beth ann
caralyn ross
colin pierce
It was my honor today to introduce the staff @hflcsd to one of my teachers who helped change my trajectory. Mrs. Beth Ann Lambien Hooker. Your patience, kindness, understanding, and determination helped me grow and succeed in ways that I never thought possible. Thank you for being my teacher, a friend, a mentor, and a role model! Thank you for attending today's opening of school in your honor on this 29th of August 2023. I will always be one of your kids! -Gene
about 1 month ago, Gene Mancuso